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Do Aftermarket Upgrades Void Factory Warranties ?

Many people have heard the SCARE Tactics some car dealers use to discourage new car buyers from having aftermarket equipment installed in the vehicles. Should you have any concerns about whether or not an installation will void the factory warranty , cite the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. The act states that a company cannot invalidate its warranty because the consumer had an accessory installed , no matter what the brand , unless the accessory can be proven to have caused the defect under warranty .

Warranty laws are governed primarily by state laws , so should any specific problem arise , consumers should consider consulting an attorney in their states to resolve specific questions about their rights .   You can also contact the Electronics Industries Association's Mobile Electronics Division at (708) 907-7600 , or the nearest branch of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) . Though the FTC does not handle individual disputes between customers and manufacturers , it can provide further information.

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Most Dealerships are fair , as they should be , in their treatment of aftermarket products . There are those however that try to frighten you to buy products only from them at inflated prices or send you to a shop that gives them part of the sale back . Usually the shop with the lowest prices not perhaps the Best Quality gets the most dealership work !    Check shops out for yourself .  Are they professional , well organized , clean ?  How long have they been in business ? (A Lifetime Warranty does you no good if it means the company might not be there when you need it !)  Do they have Insurance ?

On the dealerships side we must understand that they see vehicles , as we also do , that come in for service with unprofessional and sometimes dangerous wiring and accessory installations.  Not only is this a pain to work around when trying to track down a problem but more often than not , when a problem does occur the customer usually looks for the person that worked on their vehicle  LAST.   Dealership service personnel are trained to fix problems with the vehicles original systems, using tech manuals and computer equipment for that make of vehicle. They can be lost when it comes to specialized aftermarket equipment.  A professional aftermarket installer must however, be knowledgeable in not only the product in which is being installed but the vehicles systems as well.

With today's computer controlled vehicles and Data Bus Links , installing that CB , stereo , etc . could mean Major trouble , affecting several different systems , if done improperly. There is no substitute for experience and professional knowledge.


Do Not cut Factory wires in computer controlled Vehicles !

Do Not use Test lights to probe wires or use a mulitimeter.....

Use only isolated testers or seek Professional installation .

The use of improper Testing / Installation methods can result in computer damage , air bag deployment

Or loss of function in various systems !



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